Dolphins, Seals, and the Misty Isle

Erin wasn’t feeling great in the morning, so I rustled the kids up and took them down to my favorite place in town, Cafe Arriba, for a cappuccino and a fruit scone. Both of these were for me because I’m a morning travel breakfast diva. They got water.


Just kidding I let them have some cappuccino too. Just kidding okay!…we are shared the scone. Mommy texted us a grocery list as well and said she was feeling better so the three of us headed back up the hill with our loot and loaded up the car for an afternoon adventure.

We drove for a little over an hour (covering only about 40 miles) through the center of the island on more single track roads to the little town of Elgol on the southern most tip of Skye. There we caught a ride of the Misty Isle tour boat.

a 2.5 to 3 hour (ish) tour…


The boat left and trolled us through the bay where we took in a school of “common” dolphins jumping out of the water, like a lot of them…like so many everywhere you looked. We also were able to see seals sunbathing on the rocks.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 10.32.28 PM
i have all this on video which is way better but i have the cheap wordpress plan…and i’m not using 40% of my storage capacity for it…

The real treat though was the scenery. Park of the boat tour involved being dropped off for and hour and half or so in a glen formed by several massive peaks. No joke you felt like you were in that opening scene of Jurassic Park when they first get to the island, and Erin and I have actually been to where that was filmed and didn’t feel that sense of stepping into another time as hard as we did here.


We disembarked the boat on a rickety stair way and walked down a well-worn path to some…ugh, whatever…just look at the pictures…keep in mind all of these pictures were taken within an eighth of a mile of each other around Loch Coruisk and the Scavaig River.


After our time was up hiking around, we got back on our boat (they gave us coffee and biscuits and apple juice and hot chocolate so they fancy) and we headed back to the dock. R got to drive the boat and he got a captain’s badge for doing so. This is a bit of BS because I wasn’t allowed to drive the boat. I am waaaay more capable than him. I even tried to explain to them my single-track road moves and still they said no. Okay…have I filled enough of a paragraph to insert another picture? Good…

dad sees me rolling he’s hating…

We drove home, put the kids to bed and went to bed a little early ourselves. Tomorrow we are going to try for Dunvegan Castle (Clan MacLeod), with an option to hit another Fairy spot.

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