Arriving in Scotland

We took off for Glasgow, Scotland on Friday at around 5pm, about 2 hours earlier than we were previously expecting to leave do to a flight change. This meant that we would arrive about 2 hours earlier than originally expected as well. We were already expecting to get into Scotland early, but this flight change would make it extra important that the kids sleep well in the air, so the weren’t completely wiped out when we landed at 630AM…check in at our hotel wasn’t tell at least 11AM.

The flight was nice enough though the pay-for-everything-a-la-carte style of service was a surprise. R ended up going to sleep about 2.5 hours into the flight and was able to get a solid 5 hours of sleep. L was just lying down and snuggling in when the light bulb went off in her head that she was letting us off the hook way to easily and she remembered that can’t nobody tell her what to do.

After fighting for an hour to get her asleep we just gave up and let her do her thing. That thing was: Try to run down the entire length of plane before being caught! …Go see if the stewardesses need any help! …Put fingers into mommy and daddy’s ears and nose and mouth, punch them in the throat! …Ask for pretzels! …Give the gentleman in the next row a shiatsu foot massage through the seat! …Redistribute water from its handy plastic containers to the seat and daddy’s pants! …Pretend to want to watch LEGO Batman, but hey, not really!

So, we spent five and half hours of the eight hour flight trying to contain lil-miss-I-do-what-I-want and trying not to nod off during jail break attempts for too long. In all I think Erin slept for 2 hours, I slept for about 15 minutes during the falling action of LEGO Batman, and L didn’t sleep at all…

…that is until, literally, the minute after we touched down.

We made our way through airport security with an amped up R and snoring L, claimed our bags, and got a taxi into the West End section of Glasgow where we would be staying for a few days. The taxi driver dropped us off at a hotel and we walked up hoping that we would be able to check in (super) early as it was about 730AM.

The observant reader will note that I said we were dropped off at “a” hotel. Not “our” hotel as we found out when the women at the front desk said, in a mesmerizing Glaswegian accent, “Are you sure you have the right hotel?” I was so excited you guys…so excited.

Fortunately, the error was simply “Sandyford Hotel” as opposed to the “Sandyford Lodge”, and if you subtract Lodge from Hotel, accounting for the current latitude and timezone, you are left with a short half a block walk. That was math everyone.

Having found the correct place, we settled into some more good luck in that the folks who would have rented our room the night before were no shows. Idiots. So, not only was our room unoccupied, it was clean and ready for us at this early hour. We sloughed into the room, laid L down to keep sleeping and set R up with the iPad which he eventually abandoned for his bed, and all took a nice long nap till about noon local time.

Erin woke us all up feeling a bit more refreshed, and we set out to see and do what there was to be seen and done…

One thought on “Arriving in Scotland

  1. Whew! I can just see Lily taking over the flight. Thankful that you were able to check in early. Have fun.

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