Train to Wein

The next day…we woke up and had our final breakfast at the Auersperg Hotel & Villa and bid auf wiedersehen the staff as we made our way by taxi to the train station. After a brief bit of confusion on where to go we purchased two tickets to Vienna…the kids were free!

L helping close a suitcase….

We got on board the train and settled in, which isn’t easy considering we are carrying with us two suitcases, a car seat (for our impending Italian adventure), a stroller, a diaper bag, two backpacks, and a…well, another bag thing. All in all, it actually doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but my back might say otherwise.

this face translates to: “we just went into a tunnel”

We found 4 seats that gathered around a table on the top level of a car in the back of the train and we got over feeling like we had someone snuck into 1st class; we hadn’t. We watched as the length of Austria passed by outside our windows; rolling hills and Edelweiss, the Alps out to one side. It was very beautiful.

Two and half hours later we arrived in Vienna and lugged our stuff out to the taxi stand and got a ride to our Airbnb. The differences between Salzburg and Vienna were immediately apparent. Where Salzburg was a sleepy little town dominated by a fortress and some gardens, Vienna is a World City with ornately architected buildings, a long and colorful history, and a melting pot of modern cultures.

After getting situated and some groceries, we headed out into the city to explore. We ended up spending a bit of time at Stadtpark, just east of where we were staying. There were two really solid playgrounds here so the kiddos got to stretch their legs and mom & dad got to relax a bit. R and L played with kids who spoke French, Russian, Chinese, and German. World City.

climbing this was a huge achievement…for dad, whose nerves didn’t get too rattled…

The sun was already going down, and everyone was pretty tired from the day of travel so we made our way back, stopping once to get a proper frankfurter for R for dinner, which was bigger than his face. Street meat and coffee houses in Vienna are some of “the things,” and as you may remember, Erin was more than happy to partake in the former.

she is always sleeping when he eats…

Erin and I were still hungry so I went back out to get some take-away Ramen from a place around the corner. I had already changed in my PJs when that craving hit, so thats how an American wearing flip flops and sweat pants ends up sitting next to a Slovakian and ordering Japanese food in Austria. Like I said; World City.

We have two full days here and we are hoping the weather holds. So far, it looks good!

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