Gablerbräu Eats

We woke up from our post-arrival pass out nap, got the kids together, and absconded out into the city for something to eat. We are staying on the opposite side of the Salzach river from the old town of Salzburg in the shadow of Kapuzinerburg, a small rocky hill that perforates this side of the town. Old enough in it’s own right, this part of the town has your classic twisty-turn alley ways and hidden doors to nowhere.

it’s go time

It was to be a short evening; really just dinner and some poking around since it was already about 8pm. We headed south-ish along Auerspergstraße and the west-ish to the foot-traffic only Linzer Gasse (sometimes things are written like ‘ss’…sometimes the ß is used…go here: The ß) to a restaurant called Gablerbräu, that we were told would serve classic Austrian food (schnitzel you guys…all the schnitzels) in either a modern or a traditional setting.

We opted for the traditional setting and sat down in a rather large wooden U-shaped bench with cushions that looks like they had been around since the Hapsburgs. The room it self was fairly ornate. There was carved wooden wainscoting, candelabras, and (R’s favorite) angels with moose and dear antlers for wings. There was also the obligatory stuffed crow in the corner which was a little creepy.

wait, are they on a date?

Food was good, beer was better…or maybe just more welcome. Erin had the wiener schnitzel (like Wien, that place in…you know Austria…get your head out of the gutter) and I had some boiled beef. Both came with potatoes and cranberry sauce; mine was a hash also served with creme of spinach suppe. The hero of the night was the potato & leek suppe that Erin got for starters. What did the kids eat? See above. That’s how we roll…for now anyway.

The small square outside the restaurant had a water fountain installment that R was enamored with, so we let the kids amble around a bit before exploring up a little alley way, Steingasse, that climbed up the south side of Kapuzinerburg. The going was tough up hill (double stroller + cobblestones you guys) but we were rewarded with a really nice view of river, the Salzburg Cathedral (or St. Peter’s), and the imposing fortress that looks down at the city.


Figuring we weren’t going to do much better than that, we headed back to the hotel for the evening.

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