The Austria & Italy Kickoff Meeting

Over the next few weeks the entire team, including our 3 and 1 year old, will be traveling to Austria and Tuscany.

Why do this? Why load up your two children, a bunch of stuff…way less than you’d like, but way more than you need…and pile it all on a plane, and then fly six timezones away for vacation. Why put yourself through all of that? Can’t you you just stay home? Can’t you just go to the beach for a few days?

Well. I suppose we could…

Let’s do this!

…but no. That would not be us. We believe that GingTFO is the only way to take a real break from “life”…even if it takes a few days to get out of the routine (rut?) to let yourself chill out. We do this because while it may be “hard” at times, getting through those parts ultimately brings everyone closer together. We do this because we want our kids to grow up with positive memories, opinions, and dispositions about the world and all the people who live in it…about adaptability and solving problems…though, we mostly do it because we like it.

It’s a good thing we like it. On the trip over, we sacrificed a set of Lily’s clothes to exactly what you would expect, my North Face jacket to negligence (which is a real shame since my entire packing and wardrobe strategy centered around that jacket), a shred of sanity to the inefficiency of the Frankfurt airport (yeah I know), and an entire night’s sleep to making sure L didn’t take a header out of the bassinet on the plane…see, when normal people sleep she becomes possessed by a wet noodle demon that has no regard for its host body.

But we made it to our place in Salzburg, stop number one, safe. Tired, but safe. We dropped our stuff, dropped out of our clothes, and we all took a well deserved nap…

Made it!

This is the intro post, so I’ll quickly run done a few other things for tradition’s sake. I started writing this blog when Erin and I went to Europe in 2009. That was an experiment in blogging, but also in blogging from an iPhone. Over time, the cell phone turned into an iPad. In hindsight, this was pretty stupid and time-consuming so I have a computer this time around. Also, I don’t know whats up with the Google Maps stuff. I moved a lot of the posts’ maps over to their new API but it just doesn’t seem to want to work all that great…I’ll see if I can’t sort it out.

Okay! Here we go…

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