5 feet from the edge

We got a leisurely start on Tuesday and after we checked out of our place and had breakfast, we loaded up the car and started our round about journey to the south of Ireland. We had met Tom who lived next door to our place and told us that we should take the coastal road to the Cliffs of Mohor, which we did because we were going there anyway. He also told us of a secret way to get to the cliffs but we weren’t able to pull that off.

The coastal road wrapped around Galway bay and went through the northern edge of an area called the Burren, a geological feature defined by porous limestone planes, tropical vegetation, boulders, and a road at times no more than a few feet from a tumble down into the ocean. We pulled the car off the side of the road at a switchback called Black Head just north of Murrough where the limestone formations dive into the sea. We scrambled along the rocks for a few photos and the pressed on.

out on black head

Tom had told us not to park in the tourist parking lot for the Cliffs of Mohor but rather at a farmers house a bit up the road instead. He assured us that the farmer wouldn’t mind but unfortunately we never saw the farmers house until we had already gotten up the cliffs. He also told us that from the house there was a path to a title green patch of grass from where all the good pictures are taken, we saw this path later, but again never made it.

It didn’t really matter though, we parked the car and walked up to the cliffs which…well they are cliffs…we walked along for a while until the touristy area gave way (via a laughably shoddy fence) to an older foot trail that allowed closer access to the cliff’s face without the encumbrance of a fence. Naturally, we took this path for about a half a mile with the little guy strapped to Erin’s chest to get a few pictures no more than 5 feet from the edge. It was from over here that we saw Tom’s grassy patch, as well the beach he told us about far down below.

tom’s green spot and beach

We returned to the car for the 3.5 hour drive down to Kinsale but made a quick stop in a pub called the Corner Stone in the small town of Lahinch where all three of us had great meals.


no no thats mommy’s
The landscape changed up a bit: there were more trees and the ratio of cows to sheep started to tip in the favor of the cows. Erin became annoyed at my ability to point out every ruin (“old shit”) on the horizon, but the trip was mostly uneventful until we got off the main road at Blarney (yes, that one).
[Redacted! See us in person for more details!]

We finally arrived at our place for the night around 830pm. We are staying in a little place called the Brideview Farmhouse which is aptly named as it overlooks a bridge and tiny little bay…oh, and it is a working farm. We decided to really stay out in the country side for this part of the trip.


the little guy looking out our window
We were told that most everything would be closed this time of night, but being quite hungry we got back in the car and drive into Kinsale and found a really nice Italian restaurant called Cantinetta. The proprietor loved the title guy and we loved his food, especially the flat bread which according to him you can only get from his village in Italy.

We drove back to the farmhouse after dinner, and crashed out after a long day of driving.

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