Bye Bye Kanazawa…

Checking out and leaving Kanazawa was tough. In the few days we stayed there we got a sense of the city’s charm and why it is considered a hip and trendy place in Japan. We had a few hours to kill before our train left so we took advantage of a gorgeous day to go back up to the Kenroku-en gardens and snap some photos. We weren’t the only ones with this idea as we found the grounds to be much more crowded than they were in the middle of a typhoon. They were still amazing, but somehow seeing them by ourselves in the rain is a better memory.

We walked out of the Kanazawa castle park and made a quick stop at the Oyama Jinja. It was a nice open space, but we were a little jinja’d out so we jumped into the Daiwa department store for a few minutes. We went to each of the 8 floors looking for some cool souvenirs but ended up with a couple serving of salads for the train ride. Once again ordering was a pain, but I learned how to say chopsticks (hashi) when I had to ask for utensils in out takeaway bag…which is nice.

The last half of that paragraph may not make sense. To clarify it is important to know that every department store that we have been in has the following three characteristics in common: there are many floors, up to 12+…one of these floors is dedicated to restaurants (see our tempura excursion in Tokyo station), and at least one more floor is dedicated to being a grocery store. The salad we bought would have been like buying pre-made salads from Publix if Publix were inside a Macys…if you don’t know what a Publix is I feel bad for you, and just insert your grocery store name there…it’s not that difficult. I don’t know, maybe this isn’t all that crazy?

We hustled to our train and set off towards Takayama, a self proclaimed tourist town in Central Honshu.

1- Kanazawa station
2- Sumiyoshiya
3- Ōmichō market
4- Ozaki Jinja
5- Kanazawa Castle
6- Kenroku-en Garden
7- Geisha district
8- Mojo Cafe
9- Museum of Modern Art
1, red- Samurai district
2, red- Chochinya
3, red- Oyama Jinja

MOAR GARDEN PICS…sōri if blurry…




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