4 Pandas walk into a bar…maybe 5…

So Bobby was our tour guide for our first weekend in Tokyo. He just started the coveted job of Industrial Engineering support for Tokyo Disney Land on a 3 year temporary assignment in Tokyo. He lives in the expat area of Roppongi Hills, a huge complex of high rises, shopping malls, restaurants, and movie theaters in a maze of escalators and stairs. A subway is a subway, but we were impressed with the navigation skills he learned in only a few short weeks.

1- Roppongi
2- Sensō-ji
3- Imperial Grounds
4- Tokyo Station
5- Ginza (Andy’s)

After Erin’s nap we headed out for a tasty dinner at Andy’s. A restaurant in Ginza that was under train tracks. It was a mix of expats and Japanese. We had our first taste at FRESH sushi (everyone we talked to said the sushi in Japan will spoil us forever!, true statement), broiled fish, salad, Korean potato pancake things, and of course liters of Sapporo. Minus the guy chain smoking next to us, it was the best meal yet.

Next we headed to an area with beer vending machines to continue the drinking. There are no open container laws in Tokyo!

We walked around Ginza for a bit with drinks in hand through some cute side streets with hole in the wall restaurants that were packed (mental note to eat here when we get back to Tokyo), a huge high end shopping district, and streets that had so many signs it was a process overload.

We took the subway back to Roppongi and had a few more drinks at an expat bar called Geronimo Shot bar. That name would never fly in the US. We met some USAF enlisted pandas out for a night of boozing and then stumbled back to the place.

Overall it was a packed day and I felt like we saw a ton of Tokyo, but then you realize you didn’t even scratch the surface…

Oh yeah and we had some delicious ice creams sandwiches with waffles.

out front of Andy’s
sashimi from Tsukiji
wandering streets in Ginza
yep, pandas

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