Japan 2013

People often ask us how we pick where to go on vacation. It’s a long process, there is disagreement, but it usually ends in a flurry of planning because the process takes entirely too long…usually.

This year, we threw around a couple of ideas. Trekking in Nepal, Buenos Aires, New Zealand; South Korea was mentioned, so was returning to South East Asia.

Japan was a late entrant to the discussion, but a few things quickly catapulted it to the top of the list. So, right now, on a morning that started at 4am EST, we are sitting in the Newark airport at our gate awaiting to board our flight over the pole to Tokyo.

We are already being immersed in it. Everyone on this flight, seemingly and unsurprisingly, is Japanese. Apart for the occasional intercom messages in English, the Japanese language is pervasive. We ought to get used to it.

After a few days in Tokyo, which book ends our trip, we will be heading out to a few towns in the Japanese Alps and the Western Japanese coastline of the island of Honshu. From there, we head to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Miyajima. The map below shows where we are going.

1- Tokyo
2- Matsumoto
3- Kanazawa
4- Takayama
5- Kyoto
6- Hiroshima
7- Miyajima

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