Feet all covered with tar balls…

So we slept in hard, and weren’t really in any rush to get anywhere until VJ and Danielle caught up with us at Sawasdee Villiage. We did pillfur the breakfast buffet, but mostly were content to hit the snooze button and float around in the tree covered swimming area.

Once our companions met us we mobilized and headed out to Kata Beach. This is the same beach that Erin and I had parked down and feasted on deep fried shrimp the night before. In the day time the beach was much more lively and it was almost indistinguishable from any beach any where else in the world…almost. There were the food carts and the ice cream vendors (which we took advantage of) and surf board rentals and so on.

I went so far as to go and try out a surf board, but yeah, man those waves looked pretty vicious and I basically don’t surf anymore so yeah I decided to skip that. Regardless, VJ and I hada hell of a time body surfing in the water and getting tossed around by the ocean. Lots of sand in the pants. Yum.

The girls stayed up on the beach, and it was about the time that VJ and I emerged from the water that we noticed something that had been ruining the rest of our afternoon in silent the entire time we were at the beach: tar. Tar was everywhere. Globs of tar on the beach, globs of tar in the water, globs of tar stuck to the towels, globs of tar (most annoyingly) stuck to the bottom of our feet. One might think…”Oh ha! Tar! I’ll just get that off with some soap and some elbow grease”…and yeah you might think that but you’d be an idiot because that shit does not come off. We stopped and got baby oil and everything, because I guess thats supposed to do something about it.

Now if you know anything about Erin, it is that she loves the pristine beach and will yell at you for the tiniest bit of trash that happens to fall, and on more than one occasion on a windier than usual day in Sarasota you would be able to find me sprinting after a paper towels as if I was running away from a Balrog…nerd. Needless to say, our time at the beach was done and we headed back to the Sawasdee Village pool where conveniently happy hour was beginning.

After soaking in the pool for about 4 hours some of tar started to break up and I was finally able to scrape a lot off in the shower. We met some interesting people in the pool, which sounds like a very strange segue, who regaled us with their account of what a Bangkok Ping-Pong show is all about. The story included midgets, a one-armed russian, a pack of militant street walkers, baloons, and some darts. We later called them out and they admitted that they had made it all up.

That evening we cleaned up a bit and went out in search of food. The four of us walked the opposite way that Erin and I had walked the night before and ended up in a Thai place along the water. The food was terrible…bordering on inedible, and in hindsight was a total tourist trap. #1 lesson: The larger the menu, the more terrible the food.

On the way back, feeling pretty bummed, we came across a little bar in a car. Quite literally. This thing saved the evening for us as we bellied up to a table and proceeded to dispense of 2 buckets of mixed sugary drink goodness through straws that were 3 feet long (which we quikly learned we could concatenate and make even longer).

It was a quick stop in Phuket and we probably missed a heck of a lot but its hard to recommend it to anyone. We staying in Kata beach pretty much exclusively so I’m sure there is stuff to do elsewhere but we left wishing that we had stayed in Railay instead.

The next day we caught a flight back to Hong Kong from which our trip would end. It’s getting close, but we had a few more adventures left up our sleeve.

The Sawasdee Village Pool

Car Bar!

Danielle is like 100 ft away.

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