One Night In Bangkok…

We arrived in Bangkok at night after a flight on AirAsia which is a discount airline that flies all over the region. We still have a few days unplanned at the end of out vacation and I’m more than seriously considering taking advantage of their flights to Yangoon, Burma though the visa requirements look prohibitive.

Anyhow, we hopped a cab into town and as we torched down the super highway in a racing grade Corolla, past football-field sized billboards, the City of Angles, the (once) Venice of Asia, Bangkok spread out before us. The city is massive.

We stayed at the Navalei River Resort which was on the north end of the bend of the river, at Pier 13. This was super convenient for catching water taxis, which scream into the docks at break neck speed.

It was late and we were dirty and dusty so we showered off, committed to some clean clothes and went out for a drink. Our target was the famed Khoa San road, a haven for the partying backpack crowd. We ducked down an alley, dodging adverts for massages and tailor made suits, zigged once, zagged twice and we made it.

This place is bananas. Bars line the street from end to end, 3 stories high, and all of them spilled out onto the street. Street food was abundant: pad thai, fresh fruit, kebabs, Thai pancakes, and yes fried bugs. The merchants were out in full force too, selling goods that seemed better than what we were accustomed too at the traditional Asian-buy-an-Angry-Birds-themed-backpack markets. You also had your tuk tuk drivers hustling, as well as a several guys peddling “ping pong shows” …look it up.

We had some street pad Thai that cost about a dollar, and washed it down with giant bottles of beer from one of the 2000 7-11s we passed and eventually settled on a 3rd story bar that had live music: acoustic guitar and this awesome drum thinger.

We had waaaay more beers than originally intended and got chummy with a guy from Scotland. We did shots, I think soccer was on…it gets hazy…On the way back to the hotel we had the obligatory Thai dessert of mango with sticky rice, which was incredible to say the least. Oh yeah and I also ate one of those fried bug duders…it wasn’t half bad though I did have to pick the legs out of my teeth. So check that off the list I guess…



1- Khoa San road
2- Time to eat a bug
3- erin getting pad Thai cooked to order on the street

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