Sights in Ha Noi – Part 1

1- Quac Hoa Hotel – Our place and the better of the two places we stayed while in Ha Noi…free breakfast tugs on my heart strings though…
2- Ngoc Son Temple – Situated in the middle of the lake in Ha Noi, a decent spot…we found it beat for the shade it offered from the heat
3- Bum Bo Nam Bo – Holy crap this was some delicious street food, cooked and prepared by a guy on a stool on the sidewalk. If you are in Ha Noi you must go here.
4- The Golden Drum – A decent elevated spot to duck the rain, watch for motorbike collisions, and drink $1 beers.
5- Cha Ca La Vong – Again holy crap the food is good here. This was like Bum Bo but with fried fish. Excellent and very authentic, at least in the feeling
6- May Pub – We had drinks here in the evening after being turned away from a restaurant because it was too late. It ended up being the best thing that could have happened to us since this is where we met Phuong and Swan who would show us around in Saturday night…more on that to follow…

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