HKDL in 2 Hours?

My turn! It only makes sense that I (Erin) write the post about Hong Kong Disneyland. There is one park and two resorts out on Lantau Island about 20 min from Central Station. We went out there after breakfast and before we caught or flight to Hanoi. The park is small with 3 original lands plus Main Street and Sleeping Beautys Castle, with all rides that we have at WDW, but in the process of building 3 more lands. Toy Story Land recently opened and all rides r unique. The best was the toy soldier parachute drop.

The park was pretty deserted (I think it gets busy on the weekends). The most interesting part was how the guests behaved and the food options. Fish balls on a stick? Mickey waffles for lunch? After 4 rides and a Mickey Bar we headed back to the flat to pack and head to the airport.

One of the best parts of the Hong Kong trip is where we stayed. VJ found the place on The guy who lives there is in London right now so he rents out his place. It’s neat because it’s an expat area with tons of cool bars and food. You get a feel for what it would be like to live in HK and take the mid-level escalators to work everyday with crowds of people (instead of staying in the general tourist areas).

One of the worst parts of HK is the smog. It just hovers over the city like a hazy day. Although both days were sunny with no rain which I guess is hard to come by in June.



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