Dim Sum Breakfast

This morning we woke up feeling pretty good. I should mention that it has come to my attention (from Erin) that the last post didn’t necessarily make it sound like we had a great time in Hong Kong. This is a preposterous idea because the city is great and we did, and that is that.

So anyhow, Erin and I embarked a little earlier than our companions…mostly because I required some coffee and the 7-Elevens (which are everywhere) really only sell hot tea and those instant kidney stone inducing Starbucks Frappacino bottles which contain a metric ton of sugar and basically turn your insides into a giant calcium deposit. Ahem, so I needed coffee. We walked down through the street markets again until I found a latte and then we started looking for a place that the four of us could have breakfast.

Not just any breakfast though, we were looking for some Dim Sum. We passed by a few places that looked completely unapproachable, owning to the completely local clientele and complete refusal to acknowledge our existence. We went back to the place and found a recommendation for a spot called the Luk Yu Tea House. The door man let us in and we took a seat…you couldn’t quite her the record stop when we walked in, but it was close.

So the way this works is that you have a waiter who minds your table and then a couple of women wearing portable trays come by periodically and offer you mystery boxes of food for the table. Its like a buffet that comes to you, or tapas or something. They were mystery boxes to us of course because the waiter knew 3 words in English and the ladies knew less. So we just went with it and allowed them to plop down any and everything that they brought out. We breakfast-tapas-buffet feasted on vegetable dumplings, shrimp dumplings, a papaya pastry which was awesome, spring rolls and various meat dishes with an endless supply of fantastic green tea.

The restaurant was filled with older business men in suits, presumably, doing business. From time to time we would catch some interesting glances, and I think a few chuckles at what and how much we had.

So about those meat dishes. I’m sure it was a respectable place and pretty much all the food was fantastic, but a few of the dishes had odd flavors…new flavors. So when our waiter told us that a specific dish was “beef” or “pork” but neglected to leave out which part your mind tends to wander…especially given the sights of street vendors. I would be willing to say that I ate some kind of intestine or penis or something, oh well, when in Hong Kong…




1- Hey look we ate here…
2- This what our table looked like during the process
3- “beef”

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