Made it!

Today was the single longest day(s) of travel I’ve ever done. We woke up at 5:45EST to catch a flight Chicago, to catch a 12 hour flight to Tokyo, during which we crossed the international date line. And then caught a 5 hour flight to Hong Kong. Holy jeez. We were fed about a 1000 times on the planes which is something I guess I didn’t really think happened anymore… After the ensuing shavalanches ( Im not sure it should ever happen again.

But we made it and boy does Hong Kong seem like the real deal. We are staying in the soho (every city has one a section called soho I guess) district which is rife with bars and food and whatnot.

Undeterred by our zombie-like state when we arrived we decided to go have a few drinks to kick the trip off. We rode the escalators (yeah no really the are freaking escalators everywhere) down a couple of streets and partook in libation that should send our already scattered brains and body clocks into a serious divide-by-zero situation .

Oh so here is an interesting question. What are the requirements for having been somewhere? Like I’m pretty sure we can’t say that we’ve been to Japan just because we flew through; but then what are the minimum requirements? Do you have to stay a night? Do you have to have a meal? Do you have to see a sight? (…certainly you have to leave the airport) What do you think?

So, here we go! The twitter feed is pumping, the blog is rolling, all that’s left is to enjoy the ride and keep an open mind.

Oh and check out Ms. Danielle’s blog too for more trip goodness:




1- First pic in a cab. What up!
2- down the street from the window of our place.
3- escalators!

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