More like Kutna Hora-ble

How to get stuck in rural Czech Republic:

1- Take an hour train ride to Kutná Hora on a day trip to see the bone church.
2- Agree that bone church is cool.
3- Ride this wave of agreeableness into town for some lunch.
4- Ask a local for directions on how to use the bus to get back to the train station.
5- Get told use the local train instead.
6- Wait an hour for the local train which never arrives.
7- Walk 3km to the train station.
8- Miss the 630pm train to Prague because you had to walk.
9- Wait until 9pm for the next one.
9a- Play a game a throw rocks at train infrastructure.
9b- Play a game of handicapped railing slides.
9c- Play a game of currency bowling in the ultra modern train concourse.
9d- Write blog posts.
10- Congratulations! You now hate Kutná Hora.

The bone church was cool though. Basically a little chapel decorated with the bones of the over 40000 people estimated to be buried there. Specifically interesting was the chandelier made from at least one of every bone found in the human body.

1) thumbs down Kutná Hora, thumbs way down
2)a game of throw rocks at things
3) a game of ski down the handcap rail
4) currency bowling
5) the bustling train station
…Then 4 shots of the bone church…

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