Lake Bled

This place is impossibly picturesque.

The town of Bled is situated on a small(ish) lake of the same name. 125 meters straight up from the lake’s shire line is a castle built on an exposed rock mountain top. On the right is a park and on the left is a tiny island in the middle of the lake housing a church. All round the lake are public swimming areas, boat rentals, parks, beaches, cafes, etc.

After returning from canyoning we set out to walk around the lake which we were told only takes an hour. It took us 3. We climbed the mountain and visited the castle, rested on the beach for a little while, and then went for a swim off of a dock. (turns out this was not allowed…oops).

Across the lake from the castle is another mountain that in the winter is used as a ski resort. In the summer however they set up a single rail tobagan ride down the hill. Obviously we ha to do this. (by this point we were pretty torched from the walking so the chair lift up was a welcome sight). VJ had it in his mind that he wasn’t going to use the brake at all down the hill. About 15s after dropping over the mountain however his car let out a sqeal that would wake the dead as he hammered the brake after nearly becoming a yard sale around a sharp turn. The locals all had a real good chuckle about this.

We chilled out at a Balkan restaurant with some beers for a bit (we have moved on the Laško beer in Slovenia) and then caught a bus back to Ljubljana at 830. I remember almost nothing about this bus ride as I feel asleep almost immediately upon sitting down. This was probably best because our bus was an hour late getting back. Apparently there was some traffic jam or something, but again I couldn’t say for sure.

We went to bed around midnight. 840 train to Budapest tomorrow that will likely take the mjaority of the day. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up on some sleep and just chillax for a bit; the grind is staring to get to me.

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