The joys of travel

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge. We actually slept pretty well on the train and managed to get the temperature down to about 60 in the room by keeping the window cracked. Having gone to bed in 85 degree heat, waking up in the middle of the night provided an intense realization that I was freezing.

Our train had been making frequent stops in the middle of nowhere for what I can only assume was track switching stuff, but we didn’t think anything of it. We had to change trains in Zagreb, Croatia and catch the 9am train from Zagreb to Ljubljana. We only had 30 minutes to make our connection and when 845 rolled around and we were still on our first train we realized that we would likely miss the connection, which we did.

The next train to Ljubljana didn’t leave until 11 so we had about an hour and a half to kill which we did by getting breakfast (a banana) with bad coffee.

On the train we were actually able to sleep a bit more which was good. We pulled into the Ljubljana train station with a mission:
– exchange money
– get a city map
– buy our tickets to Budapest

Only the first two of these were successful as we were informed the overnight train to Budapest was full. We went to find the hostel and regroup. I was looking forward to new clothes and a shower but check-in time isn’t until 3pm. After what seemed like hours on the Internet, we were able to
– book another night in Ljubljana, because we had to…
– book the day train on Teusday (840am)…
– book accomodations in Budapest
– canacel one night in Prague

At this point we were both pretty down on Ljubljana. Our hostel, while really cool itself, was in area that looks like it was hit with bombs two days ago, and then hit by 400,000 cans of spray paint the next. Also, the streets were all absolutely devoid of any activity, restaurants closed, etc. Add in the frustration factor of having to rearrange our trip on the fly, the uncomfortableness of not having changed clothes in 30 hours, and the fact that I had not eaten anything but a banana, and I was a real grump truck.

We finally managed to secure food at little place in the train station which we had become quite the frequenter off and it was the first sign that things might have a chance at working out. A .5L beer and full lunch rang up to about 3€ which was really cheap and as the carbohydrates chases away the grumpiness, back to back play the following two songs (no joke):

1) “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”, and
2) that “You Had A Bad Day” song.

shower time…

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