Ljubljana Rainstorm

Alright I gave Ljubljana a bad rap because I was exhausted, hungry, and annoyed. This place us actually all right.

After cleaning up we set out on the walking tour I had put together from the Lonely Planet book we are carrying around. We headed towards the river to cross the first if three bridges, The Dragon Bridge. This bridge led through a small square to one of those mountain climbing escalator things (like they have in Pittsburgh) which you can take up to the castle overlooking the city. Like pretty much every castle I’ve seen on the trip this one was remodeled and converted into a museum and several cafes. We climbed the tower and took some pictures (though the sky line us less than impressive, the real charm wa the building facades) and sat down for a boing and (though dated in 2005) severely outdated “3D” presentation of the history of the city. I missed have of it because I was too busy fidldling with my translator unit (yes, that u why they called it) because the earphones kept u expectedly popping out of it.

We took the thinger back down to the town and continued along the water to a square that contained an obelisk statue calle The Three Rivers (the Pittsburgh simalarities just keep coming). However the interesting part about this square was the fact that a completely nude women was standing in the middle of it surrounded by 10 or 12 art students painting her.

Throughout the city there was art work hanging over the streets which j thought was a nice touch, but for the most part the place just seemed quaint. Probably missing the hustle and bustle due to it being the weekend.

We got a coffee in a spot along the water when a thunderstorm started to kick up, we were a good bit from our place yet so ducked into some random alley way and found a english pub and a Mexican restaurant, where we spent a few unplanned hours until the storm died down.

When the rain chilled out we went back to the hostel and had some cheap beers before going to bed. Have to catch a 7am bus tomorrow out to Bled.

– the three rivers obelisk
– VJ in the 3d glasses and translator
– a dragon bridge dragon
– the naked lady in the square…she’s down to the right

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