Its safe, just dont hit the rocks

Getting up early has become second nature. Yeh, I don’t worry, I don’t believe it typing it anymore than you do reading it.

We got up at 630 to catch a 700 train out to Lake Bled which is about a 75min ride northwest of Ljubljana. We got in on time-ish and found our morning adventure. We had booked two spots on a canyoning trip that left at 900. We piled into Bob’s Canyoning van and drove into the Julian Alps.

Canyoning is a recreation activity that involves the following things: throwing yourself off of high rock ledges into pools of freezing cold water, repelling down high rock ledges into freezing cold pools of water, sliding down slippery rock faces into freezing cold pools of water, and traversing cavern gaps over freezing cold pools of water to put you in position to do one of the preceding three things involving freezing cold pools of water. While canyoning you wear a wet suit, a harness with repelling gear, and a helmet. Canyoning is quite possibly one of the most fun ways you can attempt to kill yourself.

We hiked up a mountain (in the wet suit which was lame and hot) and started down through a canyon. Bob gave a quick overview on how to do stuff (very quick mind you, we didnt even sugn waivers or anything…) The highlight of the way down had to be a 20′ jump off a rock face down into a pool that you had to hit in the center. This meant you had to jump out far enough to miss the rocks below you, but not too far so that you would miss the pool. Also, at the end of the course was a repel down to a 25′ ledge that required a back flop into the water to avoid hitting the bottom.

After the course we were aways up stream of a nearby river so we just floated down on our backs. This was a lot more enjoyable than work.

We got pictures of the excursion (some below) and set off to explore the rest of the Lake Bled area.

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