How Hvar is Hvar?

Reading back on my Dubrovnik posts it seems like I was a little harsh on the place for being a tourist trap. I also probably didn’t do a great job explaining why. Basically the whole place felt like a machine. Bus in the tourists, put them on the walking tour, seat them in a restaurant, bus them back out. It was a tourism assembly line, at least that is how it felt. Hvar (pronounced like “far”… apparently) is not like this at all. Maybe because Hvar is an island? I don’t know, but Hvar is awesome.

After we took a siesta we walked down to the local market and purchased some essentials: giant waters, bananas, cheesy twists, cookies, and a few Ožujskos. We walked down to the main harbor area and explored the old town for a bit and then stopped at the (apparently) world famous waterfront bar/cafe Carpè Diem for a coffee. (u was still a bit groggy). This was probably the strongest coffee I’ve ever had. The caffeine buzz plus the view were enough to make sit there for a solid hour and a half.

We has a recomendation for a small family run (our waitress was like 12) Italian place back off the main cove. It was cheap and the lamb was good. Had a beer at a bar along the bay and went in for an early night. I’m guessing tomorrow is going to be bonkers.

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