It’s really hot. Thankfully I have spent the past three days in pretty much nothing but board shorts or else my laundry would be cached again.

This morning began slow. After leaving club Fuego at 430 and stumbling home (luckily it was only 100 yards away) our roomates, who did not go out, tried to get us up to swim again. Not happening. Actually I think VJ went. I snoozed.

Around 930 I was finally able to think about getting up. Popped an advil, took a shower, ate a nectarine ( freaking nectarines… I got totally swindled at a farmers market and paid the equivalent if $3 for one stupid nectarine…in all fairness it was a really good nectarine…) and still felt like crap. Buuuuut, I pushed through and VJ and I went to book passge on an all day island tour of the islands north of Dubrovnik. Lunch was included.

The boat left at 1030 and at 1031 I put my head down on the table and began slamming water. 1L later and I felt good enough to pick my head up. The boat tour itself was okay. We basically went to several different islands (which I don’t have the names of off the top of my head) for about an hour each. The island ports were basically the same at each and consisted of a cafe, a rock beach, a tourist shop, and a gelato stand. At each island we found places to nap, and then napped. For lunch they brought us fish. Whole fish. Two whole fish complete with eyes and everything. Once you figure out how to get in their they are actually pretty fun to eat.

It might sound like we phoned in the boat cruise, but in a way it was perfect. It gave us the opportunity to see more local stuff (usually a short walk inland from the shore and you got to places where people actually lived) and chill out after a ridiculous night.

We came back and showered up and squared away a very travel details for the next morning, then went to meet up with everyone from the night before (minus our roomates who had left that afternoon) and had another seafood dinner at a place a little more off the beaten path called Rozarij. The food was good, but the company was better.

We resigned after a drink at an awesome jazz bar that I wish we would have found two days ago, because it was really spectacular. Essentially it was set up in a courtyard behind a church flanked with tall buildings. The band just played and the accoustics of the square was all the amplification required.

Have to catch a bus in the morning at 5am to Split so we can catch the ferry to Hvar island at 1130. Don’t have tickets yet so I’m setting the alarm for 330. Ugh, Here we go… 🙂

– a shot of the main drag of Dubrovniks old town lit up at dusk.
– the jazzy mcjazzerton bar

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