Inked up

Day 2 in Dubrovnik began pretty early. Our apartment mate Kelly woke us up to go swimming to wake up…this was planned. The beach has a concrete platfrom from which you can jump into the water. So we did that. The beach also has a treacherous rock (well the entire thing is a treacherous rock) that we saw some of the locals scaling the previous day and jumping off. Of course, this has to be done. VJ and I scaled the up and jumped off. Truthfully it was only about 4m high but it looked a lot higher from up top.

We got showered and rallied up to go out to the island of Lokrum. Lokrum is essentially a park/island maybe 1km off the coast of the old city. We explored the forest for a while until we went down to beach that was referred to in the map as “rocks.” Again, this could describe every beach in Croatia…I assume.

“Rocks” had another pretty high up cliff jump that we did, as well as a tiny little rock structure that you could dive off of. We got some great action shots of this…not with the phone though. We grabbed a bite at the cafe on the island and headed back to the city.

For a small fee they let you walk around the walls of the city, as if you were a look out or a gaurd or something. Armed with our cameras, we set off on the trek. The city walls take you to heights well above the highest building within, and with many times nothing preventing you from bouncing over the side, it was a little precarious, but the pictures we were able to snap were worth it.

We heard from the girl that VJ met on the plane, Julia, about dinner so we scurried down to meet up with what would become our group for the night. Out group would consist of:

-Kelly & Tina (apartment mates of hours)
-Julia and her sister Chris
-Julia’a freinds from home Vincent and Chris
-A random Aussie named Alex who by all accounts is the coolest person ever.

Yes, we had multiplied fast and yes there were 3 Chris’.

At dinner the group ordered one of everything on the menu and sort of shared it. This is something I hate doing, but partook. Among the things we had were steamed mussels, calamari, and a cuddlefish with black risotto. This was the most interesting as I had never had either cuddlefish or black risotto. When inquiring as to what makes it black, I was told squid ink. So, I can check squid ink off my have never tried before list, though I don’t think it was ever there in the first place. I mean who think: I should gobblebup sone squid ink.

After dinner we went back to the old tavern place and Tina introduced us to a drink called rockia (sp?). This is basically Croation moonshine. Apparently it is made all over the country and each region makes it differently. Dalmatia, the region we are in, makes it from wheat grass, while up north in Zagreb it is made from plums (etc). The best wah to describe rockia is like this. Imagine leaving a bottle of tequila out in the sun fir 3 weeks, then stirring in some laundry water and soaking the liquid in a rusty kettle with a little dirt flavoring. The best way to see what rockia does to you is to watch a car drive off a cliff. The Croatians drink this stuff all the time though. At least (I’m told) a shot in the morning and one in the evening. It is also rumored to be extremely good for you. My throat begs to differ.

From here we all would end up partying until 430 in the morning, a move I would pay for the next day, but we had a blast.

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