I dont see no stinkin’ beaches.

So here I am in Dubrovnik Croatia for the first of three days. VJ didn’t get in until around 2030, and seeing as how I got in at 930, I have time to kill. It took me a while to find the hostel, which was a real drag because it is super hot here. The old town area is paved with marble (which has been smoothed over time) and basically acts as a cooker for anyone walking around inside. But I got there ok and settled in and went out to explore the city. The hostel isn’t actually inside the gates of the old castle, but outside underneath the fort…

The old town is old. It’s really old. It’s astounding how old this place looks. It looks like a museum. What else is astounding is how many tourists are here. There are at this time 3 giant cruise ships anchored off the coast tendering people in non stop. I’m not annoyed the tourists are here, one look at this town would tell you why, just annoyed that there are so many.

I ate at a sidewalk pizza place (pizza works here like this: you get your own mini pizza and it’s delicious) and came back to the hostel to rest, I had been up since 3am and probably only got an hour on the plane.

In the time I had been gone our apartment mates had shown up. The hostel is the bottom floor of an apartment with two rooms. VJ and I in one and these two girls from California in the other. However one of them was, and spoke fluent Croatian. We met and decided it would be a good idea to go to the beach around the corner from the hostel.

Here is what a beach in Croatia is: concrete walls and rocks. There is no sand. I dealt with it. The beach was basically a little cove in the Adriatic, if you could see that far, I’d be looking at Italy.

After the beach I absolutely needed to sleep so we went back and I took a 3 hour snooze while our tv played Jerry maguire. Got up and Tina, the Croatian, said I was required to try Čevapćići (sha-vap-chi-chi), so we went to a Bosnian restrauant and had it. It’s basically spiced sausage stuffed in a giant pita served with feta-like cheese an onions and a sause made from tomatoes and crushed red pepper. It was obviously amazing. It was here that I was introduced to Oźujsko (oh-jews-co), the beer of choice in Croatia.

Met up with VJ who had met someone on the plane who he had gone college with (but heretofore had never met) and we all went out to a little Irish pub and then a tavern that was the oldest of it’s kind in the city.

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