Fly early, fly often

I knew that today would come. The second I booked this flight I knew it. See I was able to get a really cheap flight to Croatia from Stockholm. The only catch was that it left at 6am. No biggy, I thought. I turned out to be all right but it did get dicey for a minute.

Flight was at 6 and you are supposed to be there 2 hours early. Personally I always thought this was a bit overkill but I’m flying from a country I’ve never been in to a country I’ve never been to. Plus I’ll have to go through customs, etc. Better be safe. Another 20 minutes to go from the hotel on the T to central station, and a another 30 minutes to wake up and shower etc. (you better believe i’m getting as many showers as possible out of that Hilton).

So I woke up without an alarm at 250 because when I KNOW I HAVE to get up early I always do that. I don’t know how that works, just does. Got showered, dressed and said good bye to Erin. I even got to central station with no hitch. Except wait a second, the station isn’t open, and there are no signs of it opening anytime soon.

It is now about 340 and essentially everyone on the street is 1000 beers deep an therefore about as helpful as a pillow stuffed with rocks…assuming you are not in a fight or something.

(I learned that McDonalds hamburgers sans pickles is the 4th meal of choice… I learned this because about 30 kids were removing their pickles from their burgers and throwing them against the windows of the subway car…you know like they do in that one movie…that I can’t think of right now…actually, maybe they were just recreating the scene from that movie…crap what is that movie…)

Finally by luck I took a very wrong turn into a very shady alley and found the airport express train. Problem: I was told that thing left every 15 minutes for the airport and took 20 minutes to get there. It is now 350ish which woul put me at the airport around 420 which would be perfect except that all the trains are flashing “Out of Service” and I’m the only one on the platform.

Panic starts to seep in but I gathered myself and found a ticket machine. Apparently the first train doesn’t leave until 440. Grumble…to late to take a cab, I decide that it can’t be that bad and stick it out. The slowest time you can pass is this kind of time. You are running late and you cannot progress, you just sit and wait (and type blog posts).

Train finaly sets off and it’s one of these super trains that go about 100mph. Once I actually got there it was very easy. Train to gate in 5min.

Morals of the story:
– 2 hours is ridiculous lead time, and
– McDonalds must be using different pickles in Sweden. The pickles are the best part of those things. All attempts at explaining this fell on unyielding, though extremely friendly ears…

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