Stockholm Day 2

Erin is shopping right now and Im sitting on one of those couches that they put in the girl stores so that dudes can sit around while chicks try stuff on. This is what I’m doing…if I had Twitter, that is what I would say.

On our second day in Stockholm we rented bikes again. The city has the same kind of system that Oslo had except that the pass lasts for 3 days. We biked down from our hotel to the Norrmalm island of the city (where we are again right now). One of the books had a walking tour of the area that we were going to do. This walking tour must have been sponsored by the retail bureau or something because it was basically a stroll down all the streets with shopping. I guess this isn’t a terrible tourism strategy, it just wasn’t what I was looking for. There were 1 or 2 cool little spots, but it mostly was just big retailers… This portion of the city is considered the city center, so I guess it was to be expected.

The previous day we had visited EA’s office in Stockholm, DICE, and they were nice enough to give us free passes to the amusement park over on the Djurgården island called Tivoli. We biked along the water over to the island and first went to the Vasa museum.

The musem’s main attraction is a 17th century ship that was raised off of the bed of Stockholm harbor in the 1950s. This particular ship was the flag ship of the fleet, or at least it was intended to be. 10 minutes into it’s maiden voyage, the ship suddenly decided that it was a submarine. This would cause problems for the ship and it’s crew as submarines were not invented yet. The museum was actually really good as it was more about naval warfare in the 1600s than anything. The boat is simply used to help tell the story, or, bring in the droves of tourists. Mission accomplished either way I guess.

Then it was off to the amusement park. It was more of a carnival type thing than anything though it did have one of those drop towers, and about 3 roller coasters. Everything (including the people) was packed in. We had a bite but immediately had to leave when a clown on a unicycle began stalking me. It was either we left or I went to jail for assult on a face-painted sadist. We took the safe route… it looked like it was about to rain and we were ready to go anyway.

We biked back to the hotel, just beating the rain, and got ready to go out for the night. After the rain passed we starting walking up the Götgaten on Sodermalm looking for a place to eat. This eventually turned into a bar crawl as we popped into 3 or 4 different places before finding a hole in wall sushi place. This place was cool. The reasons were this:

1-There were no visible exterior markings on the building indicating that a restaurant existed here (we literally heard noise and followed it when the door opened… We were like bats).
2-Once inside, the place looked like a bar only, but back around a corner was…
3-Some of best maki rolls I’ve ever had…We were also a few deep at this point though…
4-Back around another corner was a giant club.

This place still has no discernible name and may not even really exist, but was cool while we were there. After a few lounges, a pub, and an underground cave bar we stumbled back.

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