Skinny Jeans

Everyone in Stockholm wears skinny jeans…guys, girls, everyone. I’ve always thought I couldn’t pull them off because of the behind. I decided that I was ready for my first pair (which is why chris was patiently waiting for me to shop… What an amazing boyfriend 🙂 I was trying to get him to try on a pair also so I could laugh and take a pic of him which I then could post on the blog.. But he refused.

My first attempt, I had picked up a couple of pairs from this table when i looked over and 2 guys are also picking some up from the same table. They totally looked like chick jeans to me but everything was in Swedish so I couldn’t be certain. I put them back and left the store very confused. Do guys where girl jeans? Was I about to try on dude jeans? Are they unisex?

My next attempt was at a womens only store so I could be sure they were chick jeans. I was successful and am now a proud owner of skinny jeans. Now all I need are some leggings and summer scarfs to fit in here.

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