The Tartan Army

We rode bikes down to the central station again to pick up out train tickets for the next day and headed further East into the Grønland area. This area was definately a bit cheaper and bit more my style with bars and restaurants lining the street. This is a very ethnic part of town and if showed in the wide array of options.

We had a recommendation for an Indian restaurant called Pun-Jab Tandoori. It was a hole in the wall joint with apartments upstairs and it was full of students and the chicken curry with Nan bread was delicious.

We moved further down the street and stumbled into a bar under an overpass playing Billy Joel songs on the juke box. This joint was called Star Gate and was reputed to be the only place in Oslo that you could get 2 beers for under 100NOK. The beer (which I imagine is close to Norway’s version of Natty light) was called Ringnes and did the trick.

Okay, so we were petty much the only people in the bar who were not Scottish. We had deduced that there was some sort of soccer event going on that involved Scotland. We finally figured out that the Norweigen and Scottish national teams were playing the next day in a World Cup qualifier in Oslo. Unfortunately the game time would prevent us from (even trying) to attend but we will find a way to experience it somehow…

Bikes back to the hotel… Day one in Oslo was long…but when’s the next time I’ll be in Norway…

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