Aker Brygge

Day two in Oslo was a blast! We started with breakfast at the hotel, half the spread was meat and lots of fish including pickled herring…weird.

We rode bikes down to the Aker Brygge to catch a boat for a two hour tour of the Oslo fjord. Awesome scenery, there are tons of little islands in the fjord with homes and vacation cottages.

We then walked along the Aker Brygge to find a place to eat. It’s one upsale outside cafe after another along the water. The area is a mix of new modern buildings with old converted shipyard buildings. We took pics but none do it justice. Again Scots in kilts and fütbol shirts sat next to us at lunch…

We spent the afternoon strolling around the city centre watching all the debachery unfolding before the match. All the pubs were overflowing with Scots at 4pm. There was prob 50 Scots for every Norway fan we saw.

We had a train to catch at 9:30 so we found a fütbol bar called Boheme Sportspub to have some beers and watch the first half. At this point all the scots were at the game so it was all Norway fans. We got to yell Goaaaaalllll twice with the home team and watch the one Scot in the bar storm out.

We headed back to the hotel to grab bags, figured out public transportaion, and made it to the station. We rolled in 1st class which consisted of a private rooms…for some reason this was cheaper…with bunk beds and our own bathroom. Much better than our first train experience! Off to Stockholm…

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