The (probably not-so) secret to doing all this, traveling here and there, is to maximize the amount of time you spend in each place during the day, while minimizing the costs of sleeping and traveling. This is why night trains are so great; you wake up where you want to be without paying for a hotel room, ready to spend your money on being a tourist and beers instead. Now if only there were a way to combine sleeping, traveling, and entertainment into one expenditure, things would be perfect.

Enter DFDS Seaways (I do not know what that stands for… maybe “Denmark Farts Don’t Smell” or perhaps “Dodos Found Death Surprising”…). A cruise line that operates a daily “ferry” between Copenhagen and Oslo. Jackpot! For the price of a hotel room, we took a proper cruise ship between Denmark and Norway.

A proper ship it was (pic below). 11 decks, 5 bars, 3 restaurants, and more impotanty after the previous night’s sleep, 2 actual bunks assigned to us. The cruise pushed off at 5pm local time so we took down a few Carlsbergs on the sun deck and watched the Swedish and Danish coastlines roll by. It does not get dark up here until around 10:15 this time of year so there was plenty of time.

After a while we went below and ate at one of the restaurants which had as it’s biggest selling points: “Steaks from North America”, and specifically that they were hand picked from a farm in Nebraska. This was important, it received it’s own paragraph.

We checked out a few of the bars. One had a pretty awful band playing Creedence covers (they sounded like the band from Chucky Cheese) and Eleven Heaven (da club) wasn’t going off yet. We settled into an Irish Pub type place with a guy playing guitar. *sigh* he was … okay. I actually liked him a lot at first but then he played that song from Grease (uh huh, uh huh, uh huh that one). I finished my .5L and left. We bought some German chocolate and gummy-something-or-others to munch and went to bed.

This Irish Pub also offered vivid forshadowing for a plot line that had been developing since Munich: There were men in skirts. Scotsmen, everywhere. The increase in population saturation of kilted men was exponential as a function of decreasing latitude… erm, …the north-er we got, the more there were.

Morning came and we got up early to go on deck and look at the Norweigen coast line as we arrived in Oslo. It was nice, though, one can only look at and take pictures of so many little cottages, and say “that’s pretty” so many times before you require coffee and a Danish. Norway here we come.

1) a not so great shot of some coast line… The iPhone camera is not very condusive to taking pictures of landscape…the other camera will do better…
2) a ridiculous bottle of liquor they were trying to sell people… this stuff is only good for one thing…
3) a picture of the cruise ship we took

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