More like Copen-walkin’

So here goes my first blog (besides yelling at chris for posting ridiculous pictures of me). We had a 6 hour stint in Copenhagen before catching the boat to Oslo. We spent half of our time seaching for free bikes around the city. We read that you can pick up bikes at differnt spots around the city center… What they didn’t tell u was u would be lucky to find one. We found one bike and chris walked it for over 3 hours while we searched for another… Which we never found. We ended up speed walking the entire city.

The walk included the entance to Tivoli (Disney like park in the middle of the city), the main shopping area, Amalienborg Royal Palace (the queens residence), climbed the Rundetaarn for a city view, the unimpressive and small Little Mermiad Statue, the quaint cafe-lined Nyhavn area on the water, and back to the train station to retrieve bags and grab food. The Nahavn area is how I pictured all of Copenhagen, but most of the city looked old without all the cool impressive old stuff. Not sure if we would think different if we had more time, or if we weren’t constantly searching for free bikes.

We did a ton in what little time we had. If we had more time I would have like to go inside tivoli and have a micro-brew. Fun fact: Copenhagen has the most micro-brews per city in Europe.

1) the cute Nyhavn strip
2) the Queen’s Palace
3) Chris being an idiot

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