TSV 1860 Munchen

Alright I’ve already written about the train to Denmark, but I need to take step back because I forgot to mention our day before that. Actually I have no idea what order I am going to post this stuff in so this may actually come first.. details…

The train didn’t leave until 715pm and we able to pry ourselves out of bed at a reasonable 915am. This was reasonable given our exploits from the night before and the fact that check out was at 10. After a quick shower we changed into clothes we would be wearing for the next 31ish hours (I don’t think I even took my shoes off during that time in case I needed to pull a Steven Seagal and go Under Siege 2 on somebody on the train) and we shuffled out to find something to do for our last day in Munich.

Munich has two soccer teams. TSV 1860 which is the local club… maybe the equivalent of a AAA baseball team (?) and FC Bayern (Bavaria) which is the team EVERYBODY likes… erm, supports… whatever…

  • We saw TSC 1860.
  • There mascot is a lion.
  • This is because lions are the symbol of Munich.
  • This is because Arch Some Dude The Lion founded it or something.
  • This is a recurring theme in most European cities.
  • I suspect this is because being known as Chief Guy The Chicken isn’t very awesome.
a match game

1860 Munchen (colloquially) won the game… er, match… 3-0 and fun was had by all. We got to yell GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL with the home crowd (which is probably a lot better than the away crowd…) twice. “Why only twice?” you ask, “Didn’t they score 3 times?” you go on.

Allianz Stadium, home of both 1860 Munchen and FC Bayern, has a supply and demand problem. 15 minutes into the game.. er, match, there were still upwards of 5000 people trying to get in.

  • There were a total of 4 ticket agents working.
  • In the 30 minutes it took me to get tickets they served probably 100 people.
  • I was standing in the sun the whole time.
  • Remember, I would have this shirt on for another 27ish hours.
  • Nice.
where is everyone? is this the right place?

Next stop: Copenhagen (hint: we’ve already left Copenhagen… I really need to find some internet… I’m falling behind…)

Edited 3/18/2017 for spelling, “grammar”, and image rendering.

5 thoughts on “TSV 1860 Munchen

  1. Chris, glad to see you’re not letting grass grow under your feet. Hi also to St. Erin. Dad has been thinking about the picture of sauerkraut you sent and I just want you to know we had to go to a German restaurant…..your check worked great! 🙂

  2. Bathroom went fine today. Lots of progress. We were going to send you pics but Randy said he was going to. The support beam Randy had to notch to make the tub drain fit will be OK for at leaast 10 years.

    He will be done by Thur and latest.


  3. Dudes…glad you got to go to a game over there! It sounds like Erin should have gone Disney on them and leaned out that line situation..

  4. Just an FYI, Bayern Munich was a force to be reckoned with on FIFA ’93 for SEGA Genesis. In head to head play, they were one of the teams that was off limits (that is unless that kid down the street who didnt have “video game skills” was in the tourney).

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