Crazy Train

(despite the themed post titles, this blog is not sponsored by Ozzy Ozbourne)

For all of you waiting with baited (bated?) breath for another update here it is, though this probably won’t get posted for another day. Another day is how long I expect before I can get consistent Internet again. I think it’s Monday morning, we are in Denmark.

There was a bit of a snag with the train to Copenhagen from Munich. They ran out of sleeper cars. Through grit and determination we were finally able to secure a single bed for the 14 hour trip, but that meant one of us would have to deal with a seat for the journey. A seat mind you, that does not recline and is sandwiched in among 5 other seats. It’s actually worse than an airplane because you sit knee to knee with the people across from you which makes for 1) zero leg room, 2) lots of uncomfortable eye contact, and 3) a genuinely terrible way to spend 14 hours.

Initially it wasn’t so bad. Erin and I befreinded our (at the time) lone car mate, a Danish guy named Frederick on his way home from Italy before his school starts again. We watched Germany whiz by the window for a few hours, talked about what to do in Copenhagen (Frederick is from Odense..look on a map), played Gin Rummy with Florida Gator playing cards, and explained what a Florida Gator was.

Frederick and seats

This is were Erin became a saint. As more people boarded the train our 6 person compartment started to get pretty full. Erin let me take the bed because I have had trouble sleeping and she would be much more adept at curling into a little ball and sleeping in the compartment. I resisted, because me, but eventually caved and trudged off to sleep.

After sleeping a solid 6 hours in the bed, I was unable to get back to sleep from the knot of guilt in my stomach (or the smell emanating from the person above me…or maybe it was me) from leaving Erin in the super uncomfortable compartment so I let her take the bed and went and grabbed breakfast on the train. I’m here right now typing this while stopped at a station.

We arrive in Copenhagen in about an hour where we will part with the train, grab some bikes and peddle around the city before catching a cruise to Oslo, Norway later in the evening.

Time to get back to the window, we are starting to move… The Danish country side is absolutely beautiful. I’ll try to snap a pick if we slow down a bit.

Edited 3/18/2017 for spelling, “grammar”, and image rendering.

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