The Ass Man Cometh

Another day another Bier garden. Erin has been here before and said we should go on a bike tour. Specifically Mike’s bike tour. This tour started at 1130 in the morning and ran on until about 4.

The bike tour was really good and we got to go past many different statues of things which I’ve pretty much all forgotten about now. We also got to go through the English Gardens which is a park about 4 times the size of Central Park. This is also the park where the Germans “let it all hang out.”

English Gardens

After another giant Bier stein, a bowl of kraut, and a couple brats at the Chinese Tower Bier garden, we settled up and plodded back to the hostel.

Chinese tower


I was the designated “ass man” of the bike tour which meant it was my job to be the last person at every stop and make sure no one got run over by anything. Fine with me, I got to go at my own pace. I also got a free frisbee which moderately rules.

mm hmm


Showering up now and then heading out to the Hofbrauhaus which will likely end in the purchase of a Doner Kebab (also referred to as Street Meat) in the early morning hours.

Edited 3/18/2017 for spelling, “grammar”, and image rendering.

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