Munchin’ in Munchen

So the flights were okay. Since I apparently cannot fall asleep without 45 minutes of uninterrupted silence, or 700 beers, I decided to pound the complimentary Warsteiner until the stewardess cut me off…which was after two. Even after I polished off Erin’s red wine I couldn’t close my eyes, so I was stuck with 2.5 hours of sleep and watching Monsters vs. Aliens as we came in hot over the Atlantic Ocean. Monsters vs. Aliens is a movie which may or may not be slightly less better than pretty alright.

But who cares! I’m Germany which means that I have things to do. These things include, but are not limited to, engaging in a fierce political debate on regional German politics and drinking a metric ton of Bier.

Luckily the first item on the list was accomplished within 10 minutes of de-boarding the plane by a (potentially) senile old lady who helped us figure out (/accosted us about) the subway system. Phrases uttered by her revolved around the following topics: 1) Her DEEP involvement in the fall of communism in Germany. 2) Her being wanted dead by the Nazi Gestapo. 3) The fact that if there were to be another Hitler, he would likely evolve from a Munich subway operator, and (most importantly) 4) Her need for us to purchase her a subway ticket. Responses uttered by me included: 1) cool, and 2) bye.

We made it to the hostel okay, got situated, and headed out to find and partake in the merriment of a local Bier garden whose name I do not remember because it probably doesn’t matter. Here’s where not knowing the language (at all) or the culture came in handy. Evidently there is a well-known process involved in the acquisition of Bier at Bier gardens. This process likely involves the exchange of currency. However, not knowing how to read German, ask for directions in German, or comprehend any directions provided (provided they were given in German) we were stuck like a … like a … a …. whatever I’ll fill something clever in later…

Turns out however that as long as you’re name is Erin you are perfectly allowed to go up and grab two steins and get them filled up with Bier for 0,00€. Erin, being named Erin, did this. We tossed the place a couple Euros for a Currybratwurst (which I am likely to have completely different story about tomorrow morning) and a giant pretzel, found a shady spot and listened to a guy play the accordion for 2 hours.

look at that SEG

Epcot, it turns out, totally nailed it. Oh, and did I mention the steins were the size of a small barn yard animal!

a pose only my parents will appreciate

We finished the night at a hole in the wall joint over a meal of pot roast, sausage, sauerkraut, cabbage, and potato dumplings..and of course more Bier.


Still haven’t slept… better try to get my 3rd wind…

Edited 3/18/2017 for spelling, “grammar”, and image rendering.

4 thoughts on “Munchin’ in Munchen

  1. love the blog you guys 🙂 you’ll definitely be our consultants when we make a trip to europe, looks like you know how to do it right!!

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