So, I guess we’ll try this out…

Europe, 3 weeks. I guess it’s as good a reason as any to see if blogging is something that is fun or not. Well, that and the discovery that I can do it from my phone should make for an interesting experiment.

We leave on August 6th and all posts after that (through August 31st) will be done from my phone…assuming I make it that long, of course. We’ll do our best to share pictures and thoughts and stories…not like anyone really cares, or do they?

Below is the first leg of the trip, sketched out on a Google map using the Google Maps Static API (yes, done from the phone…tediously…I know its snazzy…). These are the locations that Erin will be joining me for: Munich, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm.

Look for more updates, leave comments, and subscribe to the blog so you know when its been updated…that will really help me stay motivated to keep up with it.

Edited 3/18/2017 for spelling, grammar, and Google Maps API v2.

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