Big Notting Bridge Tower Palace Abbey

Day 2 in London was all about doing touristy stuff so we prepped ourselves, walked down to the tube and headed to Westminster.

Kinematics in Kensington

Having gotten over the (mild) frustration of arriving in London, we were determined to make our first full day a success.

business and break ups

The phrase “up hill both ways” is not a figure of speech, but an actual description of the UK.

Zoo Town

We watched the penguins waddle about like me with the drink package on a cruise.

Edinburgh: Take One

We were a bit unprepared for having to make plans again, but this is “old hat” for us, so we headed out.

Enough with Bespoke already

The bridge was almost immediately followed by the Eilean Donan Castle, one of the more famous and intact castles in Scotland.

Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

This was a decision made with some trepidation; we only have one of these and the reward is balanced by the risk of the other child freaking out to high hell.

Dolphins, Seals, and the Misty Isle

I took the kids down to my favorite place in town for a cappuccino and a fruit scone. Both of these were for me because I’m a morning travel breakfast diva.

Single Track Mind to The Fairy Glen

Balnaknock is so super fun to say that Erin had to…erm, ask…me to stop.

Port Righ

Portree, actually Port Righ in Gaelic, which I will never shut up about because I am my mother’s son, is the largest town on the island of Skye.